Manage and mobilize volunteers easily.

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Your Virtual Volunteer Coordinator

Organize with less legwork, so you can devote more energy to doing good.


One system from sign-up, to check-in, to reporting. We make it easy to create tasks or events, assign shifts and manage volunteer teams.


We bug your volunteers so you don't have to. They get alerts when you post tasks, and events. We're officially retiring the "oh, I forgot" excuse.

Automatic Reporting

Say goodbye to Excel workbooks and calculators - our dashboard gives you live analytics and automatically-generated reports.

Group Management

Volunteer coordinators say group management is their 2nd biggest time spend. Genhelp gives that time back to you by making it easy to reach out, coordinate, and schedule groups of all sizes.

Admin Dashboard

Scheduling made easy

Automatically schedule volunteers and manage changes on the fly.


Track volunteer hours and get detailed analytics

Bird's eye view

Keep track of all appointments, volunteers and clients in one place.

Volunteer App

Instant Notification

Volunteers get instant notification of new jobs.


Volunteers can chat directly with managers and clients.


Allow volunteers to manage their availabilities.

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