About us

GenHelp is on a mission to combat loneliness and

social isolation in the elderly.

Our Story

Ali's father suffered from Parkinsonism and as his caregiver, he began to feel the weight of trying to help his father with his disease and aging. He and his family arranged for care but there was always something missing. His father would often mention that he feared being alone. Even though his father received homecare it was limited to medical care and the rest was up to his family to support. Ali's father was not seeking medical attention he was looking for human connection.


Ali partnered up with Josh who had witnessed the effects of loneliness on seniors during his decade long nursing career. They realized that many seniors and their families struggle with finding affordable and accessible help for everyday things. 


Ali and Josh were inspired by programs that connected older adults and youth. These programs facilitated mutually beneficial relationships, that increased well being and improved the quality of life for both. 


So they asked themselves: How might we strengthen and incentivize the social fibres of our community to reduce elderly loneliness and social isolation? 


GenHelp was born.

GenHelp is a volunteer-driven social enterprise driven to reduce social isolation and loneliness among ​the elderly in Alberta!

GenHelp Team

Ali Abid


Health Professional . Designer . Traveller 


Josh McCutcheon


Nurse . Designer . Home Chef